Postage Stamp Quilt – 2012 Charm Swap!

This lame photo does not express how excited I am about The Curious Quilter’s Postage Stamp Quilt Charm Swap! But you can see that I am digging out my scraps and gearing up to participate!
If you have been tiptoeing around the idea of creating a postage stamp quilt, now is the time. Mary is hosting multiple swaps all throughout 2012. This will give you access to lots of different fabrics without having to go a huntin’ for them. And this is a real blessing, because these quilts have THOUSANDS (well, like 1-5 thousand, depending on your size.) of teeny tiny squares. I’ve been using a lot of duplicates, and that’s making it quite a bit harder on me than if I’d been patient and collected unique squares!
And I’ve discovered through Mary’s swap that I am not even in the craziest group of us crazies! Some of the folks out there are making these quilts out of ONE INCH SQUARES. I know, I’m astonished too!! But I decided to help them out and I’m using my teentiest, most tossable scraps to make them some squares. 
So head on over to The Curious Quilter, get a little info, and sign up to join the swap!! You might even get some of that fancy schmancy strawberry fabric* for your project! 
*Fancy schmancy strawberry fabric is pictured above, in all its glory.

Anna Maria Horner – Loulouthi – Pink Castle Fabrics Giveaway! (And An Update On My Recovery)

What could possibly bring me crawling out of bed rest to blog? Oh… I don’t know… free fabric? Yes. Free fabric.

Just A Bit Frayed is hosting a giveaway for bloggers. The winner will receive some GORGEOUS new Anna Maria Horner fabric!

It was a hard call, but I think my favorites are 3, 5, 15, 20, and 25! I’m always partial to the dots 🙂

So if you’re a blogger, and you LOVE free fabric, head on over and check out the details of the giveaway!

I’m hoping my entry will secretly count for more, since I am completely stoned on painkillers, and begged my husband to hook my computer up to my tv so I could do this from bed.

I haven’t posted any post-op pictures yet, partially because I haven’t really felt like doing ANYTHING, but also because I’m not sure anyone wants to see those 🙂 I did decide I’m not going to create a blog specifically for them, but I’m going to post them on a jaw surgery blog I’ve been frequenting and then just link to that.

Please continue to pray for me, because this is rough stuff! I think I’m about 1/3 of the way through the hardest part, and things should start getting better maybe by the end of next week!

The Curious Quilter: Tips and a Giveaway!

Head over to The Curious Quilter for some tips on how to tame your stash of 2” squares! Obviously, I need to heed her advice!

I love how my box says “Big Smile”!
And, if you’re intimidated by the prospect of gathering 3 or 4 thousand squares for a quilt and need a boost to get started, Mary is giving a way a set of 500 2” squares! (Or 80 5” if you’d prefer…) Or, if you’re like me, and you have 2000+ squares already, but you could just use some more, enter away 🙂

But who can blame me! They’re soooooo pretty 🙂 IMG_8191

De-Stash Giveaway Winners

I apologize, because I announced the winners in the comments on February 2nd. I’m assuming the winners didn’t see those announcements. Here’s the official call for winners! I need your email addresses so I can find out how to get your fabrics to you. If I don’t hear from you guys by March 15th, I’m choosing new winners from the set of people who left contact info.

The winners of Giveaway #1 are Wendy for fabric #1 and Angie for fabric #2!

The winner of Giveaway #2 is Mariel!

***Update*** I just figured out how to track down some of the emails, and I’m giving the winners until the end of March to reply 🙂 So sorry to keep dragging this out, I just want to give the winners a fair shot!!

De-Stash Giveaway #2


I bought this fabric with the intention of making curtains, but after several years of procrastination, I now know I don’t actually want sheer blue-brown curtains!

I haven’t recently measured this, but I think there are around 5 full yards! It would make great fabric for layers in a formal dress. I’m not sure what the fabric is, but it is translucent and is blue with brownish tones from different angles.


Leave a comment to enter. Please include your email address in case you win! (Also, check out giveaway #1 for more details and for a chance to win other fabrics!)

De-Stash Giveaway #1

I’m in the process of clearing out my studio (ugh), and I’m finally having to admit that there are supplies I will never use.

So, I’m give you guys a crack at them!

Starting tonight, and throughout the month of January, I’ll be offering several giveaways. All the giveaways will close at midnight, January 31st, and everything will be shipped out in February.

I’m going to keep it simple. Just leave a comment about which fabric you’d like to win and leave an email address where you can be reached. (Obviously if I know you, I likely have your email address, but it wouldn’t hurt to leave it just in case!)

Fabric #1 is a real treat! I bought this several years ago with the intention of creating bags. I did cut pieces for a duffel, but never really had the motivation to sew it together. IMG_7520 This is a pleather maybe? I’m not always great at knowing what my fabrics are, especially the ones I bought before I became *ahem* a professional. But it’s has a shiny textured surface, and sort of looks like baby blue reptile skin. If you win, you will receive a solid uncut piece of 25”x40”, with some scraps, and all the pieces I cut for the duffel bag.

Fabric #2 is a heavy fabric, possibly a lightweight upholstery fabric. The colors are mostly country blue and sage with a hint of yellow and salmon.

IMG_7521  This is a good thickness for bags, and there is enough fabric to actually cover a chair if you so desired. The winner will receive a 3.5 yards of this fabric (51” wide), and *if* I can find them, the pieces to a large tote I cut a few years ago.