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Because have no resistance when it comes to starting new projects… I’m working on a hexagon quilt. I’m really loving it too, it’s mindless and soothing. Much easier than I ever expected it to be!

And for some reason, I just cannot bring myself to sit at my sewing machine right now. So it’s nice to have a lap project that I can do anywhere.

I’ve looked at a bunch of tutorials, but this is the main one I’ve been referencing.

And now I’m going to get back to it! (It’s very addictive, you’ll see! Smile with tongue out )

3 thoughts on “Hexagons!

  1. I lurves the warm palette you are using 🙂

    ALSO, it made me gasp from excitement to get my notification that you blogged again 🙂 My desk neighbor thought something was wrong with me hahaha 😛

  2. Why doesn’t your website work in Opera? It’s a
    superb web site, but I hate having to switch to firefox just to examine the content, very inconvenient.
    I wonder if this problem is on my end or on your end.
    Well, nevertheless, outstanding stuff… book marked for later.

    • I’m sorry, I actually have no idea what Opera is (I’m assuming it’s a browser.), so I can’t help! I’m not extremely proficient with technical things, and I basically just do everything out of Safari or Chrome. Thanks for reading anyway!!

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