A Gift From Grandma Ona

I was preparing to fold laundry the other day, and I like to put down a quilt so my laundry isn’t picking up the crumbs Dexter tosses around like confetti. After I spread out my quilt, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to photograph and showcase it!

I have several quilts, but this quilt from my Grandma Ona and another from my Grandma Lucille are currently my favorites, and I use one or the other every single day.

About a year and a half ago, my Grandma Ona led Deborah (my sister), Michelle (my sister-in-law), and me to a room in her house and let us each choose quilts from her stash. I really loved this one, black and red squares always make me think of Alice in Wonderland, so I was really excited when I ended up with it.

After having a chance to explore the fabrics in the quilts (which I do over and over again), I’m just really struck by the beauty of the fabric pairings and the lessons of resourcefulness I find in various blocks. It doesn’t really show up in my pictures, but there are no less than 3 shades of red fabric making up this grid. In the past, I would panic and fret if my fabrics didn’t quite match. But my grandmother probably didn’t even flinch when faced with making do with what she had. It just makes me love the quilt more, and realize why my grandmas are so awesome. And it is a great lesson to internalize and put into practice.

Here are my favorite combos in the quilt:
                IMG_8064   IMG_8065   IMG_8069

Below is an album of the 20 individual blocks if you’d like to explore them!

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