Work-In-Progress: Crocheted Lion Pillow

One of the things we plan to give Dexter for his 2nd birthday is his very own pillow! This may not be so exciting to some of you, but he loves pillows and we haven’t let him sleep with one yet. I figured we’d just find something at Target when the time came, but then I saw this pillow on Anna Maria Horner’s site and it is perfect for Dexter’s room!

anna maria horner pillow                  A special thanks to Anna Maria Horner for permission to use her photo!

We decorated with the NoJo Jungle Tales set. The colors could not have matched any better, and thankfully I was able to find almost the exact same colors at Hobby Lobby.


I’ll probably try to make my face match the one on Dexter’s comforter, and I’ll probably add a few rows to the mane. I doubt I will add ears, but that’s something I’m not even going to think about until there’s an actual pillow!

I have less than 3 months now, and I also plan to make him a felt playhouse, inspired by Homemade by Jill and a few others. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Definitely. These may  turn into Christmas presents!

Dexter wasn’t feeling well the day I took these pictures. Kind of makes me wish he already had his pillow 😦


3 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress: Crocheted Lion Pillow

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  2. You wouldn’t happen to have a pattern for this would you? I saw Anna’s photo too, and have ever since been searching for a pattern or at least something similar!

    I’m dying to make this for my little girl, but I’m pretty lost without a pattern or at least some type of general guide.

    Help a momma out?

    • I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to this!! I made myself a note, and then forgot to pay attention to the note lol.
      Anyway, I do not have a pattern. For the circles, I used a combo of a tutorial online (I’ll try to find that, it may have just been on, and from a book, like Crocheting for Dummies, or Idiot’s Guide to Crocheting. I haven’t gotten to the ruffle yet.

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