De-Stash Giveaway #1

I’m in the process of clearing out my studio (ugh), and I’m finally having to admit that there are supplies I will never use.

So, I’m give you guys a crack at them!

Starting tonight, and throughout the month of January, I’ll be offering several giveaways. All the giveaways will close at midnight, January 31st, and everything will be shipped out in February.

I’m going to keep it simple. Just leave a comment about which fabric you’d like to win and leave an email address where you can be reached. (Obviously if I know you, I likely have your email address, but it wouldn’t hurt to leave it just in case!)

Fabric #1 is a real treat! I bought this several years ago with the intention of creating bags. I did cut pieces for a duffel, but never really had the motivation to sew it together. IMG_7520 This is a pleather maybe? I’m not always great at knowing what my fabrics are, especially the ones I bought before I became *ahem* a professional. But it’s has a shiny textured surface, and sort of looks like baby blue reptile skin. If you win, you will receive a solid uncut piece of 25”x40”, with some scraps, and all the pieces I cut for the duffel bag.

Fabric #2 is a heavy fabric, possibly a lightweight upholstery fabric. The colors are mostly country blue and sage with a hint of yellow and salmon.

IMG_7521  This is a good thickness for bags, and there is enough fabric to actually cover a chair if you so desired. The winner will receive a 3.5 yards of this fabric (51” wide), and *if* I can find them, the pieces to a large tote I cut a few years ago.

We’re Famous: 20 Little Toes In the Press!

Thanks to our old friend and fellow blogger, Jaime Garrett, Deborah and I have been featured on! Jaime interviewed me for an article for her blog (btw, can I just pause for a minute to tell you how cool it felt to be interviewed??) and then Cookeville Times published it! A huge thanks for you guys for promoting 20 Little Toes! You rock!rebekah and deborah                  (Rebekah Robson, left, Deborah Robson, right)

Mammoth Bag (Jennifer’s Craft-It-Forward Prize!)


This year I participated in a Craft-It-Forward chain on Facebook. Basically, you copy and paste the details, and whomever replies receives a craft from you, made in 2010 and sent by the end of 2010. In turn, they must also copy and paste the status and send a craft to whomever replies! On and on… 🙂

I had 2 repliers, Jennifer and Kristen! I just completed Jennifer’s craft not 1 hour ago. I decided to have my girls create a wish-list so I could tailor their prizes to them. A few of Jennifer’s favorites were green, purple, and elephants, and she also mentioned she’d like a large tote bag to haul around her son’s stuff.

Well, wish granted! Meet… the Mammoth Bag!


Named not only for the elephant appliqué, but for the fact that it’s unreasonably large 🙂 I made this pattern once before and I forgot how huge it actually is.

Dexter really liked the button eye.


Someone did not like being put inside the bag. I can assure you, however, that this bag will, in fact, hold a whole toddler.



Dollies Travelling Abroad!

I was excited to get a notification from Dolly Donations announcing that if we hurry and send in our dolls, they can leave the US for Haiti on December 18th!! If you have time to throw some together, there is still a little time to get them there!


I wish I had more completed, but I’m very glad I got to participate. I have more cut out, so I’ll try to slowly make them and just send out what I have when drives are announced.

These were great practice dolls. I’m hoping we’ll eventually have a little girl in our family (It’s looking like my brother’s baby is going to be a boy as well!). I’m really glad I’ve found an outlet for my girly creative energy! Some of these babies are kind of funny looking, but it was a nice opportunity to figure out the best techniques. For example, take it easy with the eyebrows or your doll will look like a Marx brother!

They have faux fur for hair (faux fur for, say that 3 times fast!), acrylic painted faces, very simple scrap dresses, and coordinating diapers.

IMG_7394  IMG_7398

IMG_7395  IMG_7400

IMG_7396  IMG_7402

IMG_7397  IMG_7403

McKay’s Finds (Board Books!)

I love McKay’s! I love getting to trade in my old books for new-old books! But I’m especially excited about today’s haul… I finally found board books! I’d looked before, but I guess I gave up too quickly. But there were tons of them, and I’m glad I took the time to check them out. I didn’t even get through half and I found 6 books for Dexter!


Now, I’m will admit that even though I love used books, I’m a little freaked out by potential germs. I figure there’s a good chance that some little kid has slobbered on these books, and I’m thankful that board books are able to withstand a good alcohol wipe-down. All the books were fine afterward, with the exception of one having a chalky residue which I wiped off with a dry paper towel.

I’ve been searching high and low for Bible stories, but I’m also picky about them. I found 4 I was happy with!


This David and Goliath book was the oldest and worst-looking of the set, but I liked the artwork. Very rich colors!



This little guy was labeled “Adam”. But after a dab of alcohol, little Adam will have a hard time proving it! This is the story of Moses.





This version of The Good Samaritan was an awesome find. The book has cut-outs that make it a little different that his other books.


I have to admit that the next 2 are my favorites. I LOVE the David books because of the incredible artwork. I had no idea there were board books available! When I saw those I grabbed them as fast as I could, like people were lined up to snag them from me 🙂


David Smells! is great! It’s about the 5 senses. (Click here to get this book on Amazon!) And thank goodness I disinfected the books because…


…every time Dexter gets to this page, he licks that disgusting sucker!!! 🙂


Oops! is about David’s first words. And as naughty as David is, that last page just tugs at my heart strings! (Click here to get this book on Amazon!)


Now for the really good part: I paid a grand total of (drumroll…) $3.95 before tax! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest McKay’s and dig through their board books! And then you, too, can see a version this: