Men’s Shirt Refashion (In Progress)

I’ve wanted to modify a man’s button-up shirt for forever, but I was too intimidated. I’ve been learning a lot about drafting my own patterns, and so I decided to finally tackle the project.

It’s been both fun and frustrating. It’s kind of like playing mad scientist 🙂 I have all the parts to cobble together, and the possibilities are endless. It’s great! But there’s a lot of trial and error involved, and I’ve had to take out quite a few seams. One downside of shirting is that it’s not very forgiving of needle holes. I’m hoping when I’m all done they won’t be extremely noticeable.

So far I’ve cut down the body of the shirt and fitted it with darts and seams and I’ve created gathered sleeves.

IMG_5636 Right now, those sleeves and that neckline look like the prairie-style dresses my mom made in the early 90’s, and homie don’t play that. (Sorry, mom!)

IMG_5636 I plan to V the neck a little and top it with a mandarin collar. Then I’m probably going to try my hand at some ruffles. I think they will be raw edge ruffles. I’m using the existing cuffs from the original shirt. they’re wrist size, so they’re too small to completely close around my upper arms (boo.) The cuffs will just stay open on the outsides and be for decorative purposes. The sleeves will have to be a little tighter to accommodate those cuffs. And I’m shortening them because I tried the cuffs below my elbows and it was too irritating.


I’m pretty happy with how the back turned out. I created a seam down half the back to fit it better, leaving a little gather at the waist. I like the way the existing yoke looks, but it has some gathers the feel weird. Next time, if I notice the original shirt has those, I will take it apart. But I’d gotten too far into the process to stress about that.

The sides will have splits at the bottom for comfort and ease of movement. I hope I enjoy wearing this shirt! I hope to have it done by the end of this week, but it’s been slow-going. I just work on it til I get too annoyed and I pick it back up when I wish I had a new shirt 🙂

I Won!! (Oh, and pix of some hats)

So, the first week I moved to Chattanooga I found out I won a free yard of Kaffe Fasset Fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew! It was a very nice cheer-up 🙂IMG_5614

I have been planning a quilt of peach, purple, and red. I’m still not sure how this is going to look, or when I’ll get around to making it, but I’m fairly sure this fabric is going into that quilt.

Also, my wonderful nephews, Ty and Micah, celebrated their 1st birthdays a few weeks ago! I made them some monster hats. I love the way these turned out!IMG_5627

Verbose Boutique Give Away!

My sister-in-law is doing an awesome give away! Alisha made my awesome purse. Everywhere I go I get asked where I got it


Head on over to Verbose Boutique and leave a comment to enter. One lucky winner will receive the following, made by Alisha:

A night masknight mask

A faux-suede tote bagpurse


This is quite a prize! Make sure you enter ASAP because the drawing is tomorrow! And if you’re not lucky enough to win, make sure to check out her Etsy shop. Right now she’s featuring a line of stethoscope covers and surgical caps in adorable fabrics!

Still Here: Unpacking and Stocking Up On Patterns

I wanted to drop a line to let you guys know I’m still alive 🙂 We’re still in the moving process. The never-ending unpacking stage. I can’t find my card reader to upload pix, which is a real bummer.

In the meantime, I’ve been stocking up on patterns from Hobby Lobby. Last week Simplicity patterns were 99 cents. This week it’s McCall’s.

I bought this pattern (2599) because of this post on All Buttoned Up. I’m very excited to try it, because it looks very versatile.

I picked this pattern (2363) because it’s super cute, aaaaaaaaand… it’s a pull-over! I love the idea of not having to bother with zippers and buttons 🙂 I wanted these 2: ( and but they had side zippers! I really want to make comfortable clothes, and I’m just not sure a side zipper fits into that plan. I probably would have tried it if it were a back zipper, because those dresses are precious!

I’ve been searching for a promising jeans pattern. When I saw this one (M 5142), I decided to go for it, because the description said “slightly low-rise” and they looked fairly modern. Well, one of the styles did. Oddly enough, this pattern offers both cute jeans and ultra-high waist mom jeans… Oh, and I won’t be adding the goofy embellishments 🙂

I’ve also been looking for a very basic and easy A-line dress. This 1 hour dress (M 6102) looks exactly like what I had in mind.

Then I stumbled across this dress (M 6109) and thought it had potential for both myself and my sister. It’s a little different from other jersey knit dresses I’ve seen, so I’m excited to try it!

And lastly, I’ve been very tempted to get a coat pattern. I’ve tried similar styles on at Target, and I really this I’ll like this pattern (M 5714). I’m hoping I’ll have the time and courage to try this sometime in the fall! I love that this pattern has so many options. I think I’ll try view D, minus any animal print 🙂

Now, the real challenge is cutting out the pattern pieces. I HATE doing that. And Dexter makes it even harder. He gets very excited by the crinkly paper 🙂 I’ll have to get into the habit doing it after he goes to bed.

Hopefully my next post won’t be so far away and will include pictures, hopefully of awesome things I’ve made!