When Life Interferes With My Crafting…

Things have been crazy for us lately. My husband was recently laid off. Then he, fortunately, found a job. Unfortunately, it’s 3 hours away. So we’re moving in less than a month. He’s actually going without me at first and I’m staying here to take care of things while he works.

Then, this week he ended up in the ER for mystery stomach pains. Two potential diagnoses were toss out, so he will have to go to a specialist, when he can find time between moving and starting a new job.

This has not let me much time to consider crafting. I did get to sew today on my sister’s quilt. I also made two dresses for one of Dexter’s little buddies, but I can’t post pictures until after I give them to her.

I suppose I just wanted to post an update 🙂

The end.

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