My new purse!!

I love when something totally unexpected and awesome comes your way! I was visiting my family this weekend and my sister-in-law (and fellow crafter), Alisha, gave me a beautiful bag she’d made! I love it and I can’t stop looking at it 🙂 It’s almost like she picked out the fabrics just for me. (She didn’t, hence the “almost” lol)


                 IMG_4971   IMG_4970

The fabric is Amy Butler (I’ve never even seen actual Amy Butler fabric before, so I am beyond thrilled! I know… I’m the sad little crafter…) The bag has all sorts of pockets around the inside, which will be great to help keep my purse junk a little sorted!

Alisha has just relaunched her blog and her Etsy shop, Verbose Boutique. Check them out! Her blog is going to also feature desserts, including some amazing Oreo Balls she made this weekend. I must have had 10 lol!

3 thoughts on “My new purse!!

  1. Thank you Rebekah for showing off your new bag!! I am so glad you loved at first sight!! When I brought it over I thought to myself, “nobody is going to want this!” I almost didn’t bring it!! You made my day because you loved it so much!!

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