Tutorial: Turning onesies into shirts

These were done for my awesome twin nephews, Ty and Micah. My sister loved the shirts, but neither of us really like onesies for our boys now that they’re past the tiny baby stage.

This was a really easy modification. It probably doesn’t even require a tutorial; it’s more to show how something you don’t like as much can be recycled into a piece you’ll use. For example: you don’t want your baby to look like a dork with his polo shirt tucked in.

IMG_4966 In picture, the shirts are already complete. But I cut as close to the legs as possible so the shirts would be long enough.

IMG_4967 This up-close shot shows how I just turned it under and zigzag stitched the hem. As you can see, there is a little waviness to the bottom. It’s hard to tell how much is because of wrinkles and how much is because of warping. But I read recently that you can run a steamed iron over the wavy hem and it will help it relax. I’ll know more after they’re washed too. However, I feel like the shirts are fine for the little boys 🙂 They actually turned out better than I expected. The only thing I’d change if I could is to be able to fold the hem again for extra unraveling security, but I was just afraid I’d lose too much length. Hopefully I’ll get a picture of them wearing them this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Turning onesies into shirts

  1. Rebekah, I’ve become quite the fan with reading your blogs and I find myself looking more and more often, b/c each project you do is very interesting. lol I am so proud of you for taking one piece of clothing and changing it into something useful. Or using discarded clothing from years past to make your quilts..I’m happy to see you have such an interest in sewing…One of my hobbies from years ago. Keep up the good work..And thanks for keeping us posted on the how too’s..love, mom

  2. Also, I just know Deb’s twins are going to look so cute in their shirts, and their mom will like them a lot better than having to snap those onesies all the time..The shirts look good..

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