Awesome Find: Vintage Sheets


I was so excited to find these sheets the other day! I plan to use the pink one for a Strawberry Lemonade quilt (While I work on it I’m also going to make Strawberry Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade Cake—these things *do* deserve uppercase. I’ll probably also paint my toenails pink… it’ll be a super girly time 🙂 ) I’m pretty sure I’m going to use the blue sheet to back my denim quilt, and then I think I’m going to make an owl quilt with the earthy floral sheet. I’m excited to see what I come up with!

2 thoughts on “Awesome Find: Vintage Sheets

  1. Great great find…the strawberry lemonade quilt sounds awesome…have you started it yet? Can’t wait to see pictures..You are just so gosh darned talented!!!

  2. Thanks so much!!! I haven’t started it yet! I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I’d like it to look like, besides just pink and yellow. I’ve seen some cute quilts with circles… maybe this is the quilt to try that. I’m so excited to start on it, but I think that’s my problem… I want to start projects but not finish them lol. So I’m trying to force myself to be a finisher for a change!!

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