Sneak Peek: New Dolls!

I’ve been in a desperate dash to the craft fair finish-line this week! I’m pretty sure I’ve never been quite so goal-oriented in my life 🙂 Alex helped me create an action plan, and thanks to a management and production book he’s been listening to, I’m now acquainted with such terms as “throughput” and “bottle-necking” lol. I’m currently trying to maximize throughput by avoiding bottle-necking. Which is fancy-schmancy speak for trying to finish more products by identifying and tweaking your most time consuming steps. I don’t fully understand it, that’s why I said “acquainted” with the terms and not “best friends” with them 🙂

Everyday I have a specific production goal. Yesterday’s goal was to complete 3 dolls (I decided instead to complete 7 doll *bodies* and have them ready for faces, which I can do anywhere).Today’s is to finish all the sock monsters I already have started, and to hopefully begin a few more.

I haven’t had time to take real pictures, but here’s a sneak peek at my dolls, via my phone’s camera:


They’re babies, not big girls, hence the barely-there hair. Some of them will have dresses, some of them will have diapers. But I plan to make them all a tiny blanket to match their clothes.

This baby had pigtails, which left her hair all freaky 🙂 I definitely plan to replace them asap!

One thought on “Sneak Peek: New Dolls!

  1. I love them, you inspire me to be more creative…only being the lazy person that I am…only got me as far as bringing the sewing machine upstairs! Thanks for sharing your dolls with us. I think they are adorable can’t wait to see finished pictures of them all =)!!!

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