It’s been a crazy week! I can’t believe it’s only been 7 days since I last blogged.

target-socks-IMG_2793In the meantime, I found some GREAT socks at target. They’re over-the-knee socks, so I’m able to make the sock monsters longer without worrying about running out of material. And, as it turns out, I’m actually able to get 2 monsters per sock! And because each pair is made of a different material and texture, I’ve been learning a lot about what types of socks work best for different purposes. For example, the more stretchy the sock, the better Dexter is able to hold onto the toy. However, those socks seem more delicate and tend to show their stuffing if overstretched.

I’ve completed 3 monsters so far, and I have 5 more in process. I set myself a goal of having 3 up on Etsy  by Tuesday. I won’t be selling thedex-and-bucky-IMG_2905 first 3, as my baby has already given them much love. In fact, #3, or Bucky, just got spit up on today, so I’ll have the opportunity to see how they handle machine washing. I also won’t sell any from used socks… it’s one thing for my own baby to chew on our clean laundry, it’s another thing entirely to trick someone else’s baby into doing it 🙂

munchie-IMG_2782 Sock monster #2 is Munchie. (Somehow #1 is called Bonkey, for Bunny-Donkey, although I’ve determined that he is, in fact, a donkey.) He was made from a super-cute pair of socks that I HATED to wear.



bucky-IMG_2783 #3 is Bucky, well… for obvious reasons. He is made from the new batch of socks. My husband, Alex, played a huge role in the brainstorming process for Bucky’s features. So we’re keeping him 🙂 (It will actually be hard to get rid of any of them, each one is so cute and funny!)

2 thoughts on “Sockstravaganza!

  1. Rebekah,
    I’m flat-dab blown away with your creativity! Dor-Dor will be so proud of you when I show her this. You should be so proud. I hope you do well with these.

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