An Injury and An Obsession….

I think I tend to go overboard when I enjoy something. And that’s probably an understatement. I discovered the joy that is the sock monster, and since that’s been my craft obsession. If I’m not working on them (2 created so far and and others would be made if I didn’t have a pulled muscle) I’m researching them.

I love that crafters are so active in the blogosphere!!! It’s like we’re all working along side one another, in a world where women just don’t take the time to craft together anymore. 

I fell in love with Craft Schmaft, and resting with my pulled muscle allowed me to spend the day reading every last one of her blog posts 🙂 I guess there is an up side to being injured (though I pray it’s over soon, I’m dying to get back to my own crafts and back to taking care of Dexter myself instead of directing my husband). But in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy crafting vicariously, all the while planning my own adventures!

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