New babies, new projects!

Dexter and I just returned from a nearly week-long stay with my family. My sister gave birth to her beautiful twin boys, Ty and Micah, so we stayed to meet them and to help out (Dexter did more meeting than helping). It was a crazy time!

Yet in the middle of all this, I managed to pick up a new hobby! I’m addicted to dabbling (not to be confused with gambling, although, every time I start a new project I gamble that my husband won’t kill me). While we were waiting to see the babies at the hospital, I suggested to my mom that we kill time at Hobby Lobby. That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was stepping into the yarn aisle. All that color! All that texture! My imagination took over, and I was no longer seeing skeins of yarn… I was seeing fluffy stay-home socks, favorite ice blue cardigans with red buttons, striped scarves that go on for miles… and then… toys. All sorts of creatures that Dexter, Ty, and Micah might adopt and love for the rest of their lives.

So, dear reader, you now see I had no choice in the matter. I simply had to give in. 30 minutes later, I’d selected all the tools I’d need to learn to make crocheted toys.

And Dexter loved yarn shopping. He was so precious. He grinned so wide when I tickled his nose with the yarns, then he’d hug the bundles as if each one were a long lost friend. His favorite were eyelash yarns, but the threads came out easily and I was sure that wouldn’t be infant-safe. Later, when we were going to supper, I was getting a sleeping Dexter out of his car seat and found he was grasping a clump of pea green yarn fluff in one chubby fist.

I wanted to make little monsters or aliens, but Hobby Lobby only had instruction books about animals. So I am in the midst of creating a dragon, cobbled together from bits and pieces of zoo creatures. It’s a little sloppy, but I’m proud of it since it’s the first 3-D object I’ve crocheted. And now that Dex and I are back home to a life I used to think of as busy, I’ll be able to finish the dragon in a snap!

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