Life Change, Blog Change, Baby Carrier Change

So. Dexter is now 11 weeks 3 days old (well, 4 days as it’s after midnight now). Things have started settling down. We’re finally getting into a routine, a shaky one, but a routine nonetheless. I’ve been able to start venturing back into the wonderful world of art. I’ve completed one painting, a few crafts for my sister’s baby shower, and started sewing again.
My most recent obsession is making a baby carrier. I’ll post more on that later. Right now I’m using a makeshift wrap from a length of jersey knit I’d planned to use for a dress, but I can’t wear it out because I haven’t cut it and it’s quite unsightly. It comes in very handy around the house though, and Dexter really seems to love it. I can tell he feels very snuggled when he’s in it and it supports his back well so he can look around while I do things. I don’t wear him all the time, I just use it when I’d be carrying him anyway, like when he’s crying right after he wakes up and I’m rushing to fix his bottle while keeping him happy. (For more info on wraps visit Moby. I decided to use the knit I had on hand in order to see if I even liked using it before I committed to one.)

wrap-distance wrap-closeup

This was the first time I attempted the wrap. This piece of cloth is about 4 times too wide, so it’s much bulkier than a typical wrap would be. As you can see, Dexter seems quite cozy. And it’s very comfortable for my back, which is the single reason I started looking for a new carrier. Tip: Do not get a cheap carrier that you have not researched. I skimped and got a $15 carrier so I could take my time deciding what permanent carrier I wanted to use. Even for temporary use I believe this was a mistake. Using that carrier the few times I have has been torture. I believe strongly in protecting your back anyway you can. You only have one back, don’t take it for granted!

3 thoughts on “Life Change, Blog Change, Baby Carrier Change

  1. I’m impressed that you are back into sewing already and so proud of you. You are doing very well. I love that you are blogging also. We can keep up with you a bit more. Take care. Love you. Hugs and kisses to Dex. Tell Alex I used bacterial cleaner first. 🙂 Gail

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